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A Drowning Christmas Special Chapter
The fire crackled in the stone fireplace, her eyes shone with a peculiar wetness, not shown to most. Boot-laden footsteps came up behind her, and a pair of pale freckled arms wrapped themselves around her torso.
“What are you thinking of, Love?” he whispered in her ear.
“Oh, nothing.” She murmured back. She turned her head to look at the dark red hair she grew to love, and kissed the man underneath those locks softly on the cheek. “Just of times past.”
He squeezed her tighter, pressing her closer to his chest. She sank into the warmth, grateful for it because it had gotten so cold lately in the Kingdom.
“What do you think they remember when they think of me?” she asked softly, still gazing into the dancing of the blue, red, orange and yellow hues against the scraggly brown wood.
“Hm.” He sighed, and she could feel his chest muscles expand and relax behind her back. “I don’t know about them,” she felt his face
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Yvan’s terror is displayed clearly as he reaches for Alrik, Alrik sprinting to be at his only friends side, but the deck of the royal wedding boat grew longer and longer with every snap of his heel hitting the wood.
“Alrik…” Yvan’s voice called out to him as he awoke, panting, drenched in a cold sweat, and gripping his sheets with a death grip.
Alrik usually didn’t have nightmares as vivid as this suddenly ever-occurring night terror.
Every time he had this night terror, he’d wake up more exhausted and bone-weary than the night before, and that much more depressed and desperate to find his beloved friend.
“Where are you, old friend? Why won’t you let me find you?” He spoke to no one in particular, and that just made Alrik that much more depressed and tired, so he just shoved the thought of Yvan, stranded on some pirate – he certainly knew that ragged boat wasn’t a royal ship, based on the craft and the f
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NEW HAIRCUT!! by HoshiHitode NEW HAIRCUT!! :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 1 8
Drowning... Ch 8
Chapter 8
  Mildred stared curiously as Yvan strode past her, the aura of a cocky male persona disorienting her for a moment.
  Then she looked over at her table and gasped. Instead of the overwhelming mountain of papers and scrolls on her desk, each had been stacked carefully and methodically. She stepped closer to see the dark symbols on the top right corner . . . scribbles. That’s all she could decipher. She couldn’t understand what the lines of scribbles meant.
  Maybe they were describing what the maps where? What the sea levels were? She had no idea. Her gaze passed over to a piece of parchment . . . with more scribbles.
  She frowned, and then strode out the door, looking for a certain Red Head.
  As Yvan haughtily walked into the kitchen, Shifty-Eyes motioned with a gesture to come and sit next to him, a plate of lunch already in his spot.
  So what did the Captain want? Your hand?” He inquired good-humoredly as Yvan sat down,
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The Mask Maker cover 2 by HoshiHitode The Mask Maker cover 2 :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 4 5
The Mask Maker
 Racing... Wind through my hair as I push harder with my legs -- running towards what? Rushing towards...
 The high pitch scream from across the room tore through her dream, ripping her back into reality.
 Groaning, she raised her head and looked at the clock. 6:00 am
 It was a Monday. Time for School.
 Blinking the weariness from her eyes, she tried to start-up her brain but it didn't work.
 Sitting on her folded legs beneath her, she glanced at her sheets. They were off to one side, probably from getting up, but the white cotton sheet that kept her cool and comfortable was twisted.
 Sighing, she came to the conclusion that she probably had another running dream.
 She rarely ever remembered her dreams anymore. She knew what they were by her sheets; if she had a good dream, filled with friends and family, and the usual crush, then they'd be still and as they were last night, tucked in tightly with care. If they had a painful dream usually consisting of going to
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My Photo 2 by HoshiHitode My Photo 2 :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 1 0 My Photo :) by HoshiHitode My Photo :) :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 2 13 Last Piece Universe by HoshiHitode Last Piece Universe :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 2 0 Behind the Smile by HoshiHitode Behind the Smile :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 1 6 Last Piece   Lineart By Destinyblue-d4z5y7i Edited by HoshiHitode Last Piece Lineart By Destinyblue-d4z5y7i Edited :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 0 9
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GRAVITY :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 0 8
Drowning... Ch 7
Chapter 7
“What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?”
“Scared. What are you going to do about it?”
“Why you --” she raised her other arm to hit him, and Yvan acted on instinct.
The Captains hand was suddenly restricted by a stronger, firmer hand on her wrist.
“Let go of me!” She growled menacingly.
“Not until we talk.”
“Why should I talk with a scab like you?” She pulled against his hand, but he only tightened his grip more, his knuckles turning white.
“Because you’re making a fool of yourself in front of most of the crew?”
She whipped her head around, daring anyone to meet her eyes. No one did. “Fine. Take him to the storage hull.” She snapped, pulling her hand away.
Yvan, feeling the rush of adrenaline die, looked down to see the little boy who did all the worthless jobs on the boat pulling on his wrist with a scared look on his face. He felt a rush of guilt for scaring the innocent boy, and l
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The Key to Dreams by: HoshiHitode
The Key to Dreams
by: HoshiHitode
A simple chain,
A simple key hanging.
For each dream, there is a key.
For each secret, there is a key.
I have lots and lots of keys.
But do you have the key to my key?
I have given you a key.
What does it stand for?
That, my friend, is up to you.
Wear it on a chain around your neck reminding you,
That everyone has secrets.
Put it by your pillows side to remind you
To unlock your dreams potential.
Keys are curious things.
Only the wisest of us know how to use them properly.
They can be found in the most unusual of places,
But are used in the most common of ways.
Keys don’t have to be a piece of metal.
They could be a certain person you meet on the street,
and suddenly you remember why you live.
It could be a note someone left for you,
or a gentle gesture in the hall,
reminding you of the goodness in the world.
Keys are everywhere in this world,
the question is, however,
What will you do with your Keys?
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Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure Shadow Clicker by HoshiHitode Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure Shadow Clicker :iconhoshihitode:HoshiHitode 1 7
My life: My stories.

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I have a new announcement! :la: I have a facebook for HoshiHitode :)… if i get more people, you'll get a lot more updates on me, and you can get a hold more personally :) (i check facebook A LOT more often than Deviantart) AND!!!!
I figured you guys could use a little bit of cheering up since i haven't been the best writer to my public... so i made a Christmas Special Chapter :)

sooooooo...... yeah. Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!


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